SPF Building Envelope

Knowledge Center: Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Building Envelope

Total Comfort Control, Not Just R-Value

The total building envelope is a system of construction components which provide protection against movement of:


The true performance of your building system can not be measured with the R-value of the insulation alone, but must also consider air movement, moisture control, health, safety, durability and comfort as well as energy efficiency.

This is true whether your building is commercial, residential or multifamily…SPF addresses all of these needs.

SPF meets the insulation requirements for both new construction and improvements to existing structures.


SPF will eliminate drafts and increase comfort.
SPF helps maintain a comfortable, constant temperature throughout the building.


SPF assists in providing indoor air quality;
Reduces the infiltration of outside air pollutants;
Reduces moisture condensation within the building walls and roofs.


Excellent insulation (R-value) of SPF reduces heating and cooling costs dramatically.
SPF maintains its durable properties for the lifetime of a building.
Reduces construction cost by providing an air barrier, insulation and moisture barrier all in one product.
SPF reduces long term maintenance and increases the life of the building.


In the building envelope SPF helps to reduce fossil fuel consumption.
SPF provides a lower environmental impact promoting “sustainable” construction.
SPF provides greater durability with less maintenance.
SPF helps reduce structural damage due to high winds.

Six Mechanisms of Heat Loss Through a Wall or Ceiling

Radiant Heat Loss
Convection Current
Infiltration (Wind Pressure)
Intrusion (Wind Wash)
Moisture Accumulation (Relative Humidity, Dew and Frost)

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