Process & Equipment


With five fully-equipped trucks, Dwyer’s is capable of handling the smallest local contracts to the largest industrial jobs.

Foam Systems Process

The process involved in Dwyer’s Foam Systems is based on a CFC free two component foam supplied to us by the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We have developed a close working relationship with the technical services department of our suppliers and they are pleased to be involved when additional information and advice is required. Data sheets and health and safety policy are always available.

Foam and Liner Material

The material is processed through a Gusmer proportioning pump fitted in our van. This machine is driven by compressed air from compressor and requires an electricity supply to power switches and the internal heater block. A twin heated hose is fed from the van/truck to the point of application. The two components mix at the tip of the spray gun under pressure and are reacting as they are applied to the roof or wall substrate.For the foam systems, the flow of the rising foam seals gaps in the structure and it has exceptional bonding characteristics. The closed cell foam sets hard in minutes with a high density core.

Depth of Foam & Liners

The depth of the foam can be varied from 1 inch for anti-condensation treatments to several inches where very high levels of insulation are required.

The depth of liners can be varied from 10-250 mils or even more according to your specifications.

Foam and liners create a composite with the existing structure preventing interstitial condensation which can gradually lower the effectiveness of mechanically fixed systems.