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At Dwyer’s Foam Systems & Specialty Lining, we install only the finest spray-in-place polyurethane foam as well as polyurea, hybrids and urethane liners. We travel to work with our industrial and commercial clients and we serve residential and agricultural clients in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

Not only will we assist your organization in selecting the foam or liner that will be most beneficial to your particular needs, we then install the product to your specifications!

Spray-in-Place Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Dwyer’s uses only the best foam products available and is certified to install the following brands of spray polyurethane foam:

OnePass Closed Cell Foamâ„¢ by Gaco Western, Inc.
Foam-Lok 2000 by Lapolla Industries, Inc.
Acella Polyurethane Systems

Visit our knowledge center to read articles about the benefits of polyurethane foam insulation. Visit our residential and commercial pages to learn more about our spray insulation services.

Polyurea Liners, Hybrid Liners, and Urethane Liners

Because our industrial liners are spray applied, you can request them to be from 10-250 mils (or even more) in thickness. Our liners are not epoxy and are so tough they simply will not peel or crack. We will work with you to stay within your budget while actually saving you money. Our liners will extend the life of the product they may be applied to: coal cars, box cars, gondolas, intermodal containers, barges, ships, trucks, etc. Dwyer’s liners are seamless and are FDA approved for both direct and indirect contact. Learn more about the liners we offer by visiting the industrial page.

Retrofit Construction – Poured Foam Solutions